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Subscribe to theartsdesk. Ian McKellen on stage, Harold Pinter Theatre review - a master relishes the joy of theatre Communicator par excellence on a journey from Gandalf to Macbeth via panto, Coronation Street and gender politics. The Best Plays in London What to see where and until when: theartsdesk's stage tips.

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Macbeth, Chichester Festival Theatre review - cosmic yet closely crafted John Simm is a strikingly intelligent Thane in an expansively designed production. The Thunder Girls, The Lowry, Salford review - all-girl solidarity Relationships, alliances and hatreds as a split-up rock group meet again 30 years on. Blood Wedding, Young Vic review - inventive, poetic if over-stretched revival of Lorca's rural tragedy The Spanish classic with an Irish accent. Simply enter your email address in the box below View previous newsletters. A flow of thoughts and analogies inspired not only by such sci-fi films as The Martian , E.

For his new view of things, which relies more on a cosmic rather than an earthly perspective, the key concepts consist of humans as space travellers, robotic technologies, and extraterrestrials as apparitions whom we suspect exist in distant star systems. After years of research about Biosphere 2, I met E.

Multimedia artist Ralo Mayer expresses his interest in science fiction and ecology in a number of his projects that lie on the boundary of video, installation, text, and performance. He has long been working on the project The Ninth Biospherian, which reflects the artificial Biosphere 2 ecosystem. His exhibition, including the video Space Post Colonialism — , is based on cosmic designs from the s.

Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien. In the bosom of nature, she tries to come to terms with the losses she has suffered in her life, her illness, and her fear of the future. The film is structured into six parts prologue, spring, summer, autumn, winter, epilogue , each linked to a different stage of human life. It is a very open and intimate confession, framed in a mosaic of memories and experiences, thoughts and feelings.

The film is also therapeutic, helping the filmmaker find the strength to fight. To cure my fears I merged secret patterns and knowledge of my family with the cycles of nature. Through this collision I revealed what is the human in beasts and the beastly in humans. Without showing any explicit battle footage, this film nevertheless manages to show the life of Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers on the Donetsk front.

Images of ruin and destruction from places that only recently were the scenes of fighting are transformed into a tragicomic parable of survival in a provisional space-time. Looting is a daily occurrence, and going out in search of booty becomes a boyish adventure during which the participants explore places only recently inhabited by private individuals. And when all this is recorded by a Polish television crew headed by a canny female reporter, an existential satire is born.

The war is there, but somewhere around the corner. Despite its historicizing base, the film is still relevant today. Go to the North-West corner and repeat again, then return to the East to complete a triangle shape. Do not re-cense the East. As shown in the diagram below, these two triangles create a Hexagram shape, composed of an Active and a Passive triangle.

The active triangle is formed by clockwise movement, the passive by counter-clockwise movement. If there is a need felt to verbally declare a specific statement of intent for the ritual it can be said at this point as well. This completes the opening. Following the opening is the ritual proper which can be thought of as two-fold. First comes an invocation of a general balanced spiritual force. Secondly, the energy of that presence is applied to a particular purpose.

In many cases, the opening itself can serve as the first step.

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Often, however, the magician may wish to make this general invocation more explicit as its own movement. If so, there are any number of possible short conjurations for this purpose, or one can create one's own. They include:. The Adoration to the Lord of the Universe: This is the short invocation used during the opening of the Neophyte initiation ritual of the Golden Dawn.

Face East and recite the following:.

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Holy art Thou, whom nature hath not formed. Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One. Holy art Thou, Lord of the Light and of the Darkness. The text and analysis of these verses can be found at the end of chapter 8. Opening by Watchtower: this is discussed briefy at the end of chapter 7 , but is not fully described in this book. The First Enochian Call: also not described in this book, but readily available elsewhere. This call serves as a general summons of the element of Spirit.

Following this step the general force can then be applied to a particular aim, be it personal knowledge or enlightenment, the spiritual beneft or health of others or more mundane ends. Any purpose of Magick is lawful if it serves to further one's True Will, or to assist others to do the same. Any other operation is, by definition within the Thelemic tradition, "black magic".

Note that this definition has only a contingent relationship to culturally determined normative ethics. These considerations may create a difficulty for those who may not yet consciously know the formula of their True Will. Until they do they can be assured that any Magick to assist in the discovery of their True Will can always be considered in accordance with the True Will. This generally includes experimentation for its own sake.


This phase of the ritual admits of diversity of method of execution. There are a few key factors, however. One of the most important is the Magical Link. This is the means, subtle or overt, whereby the magician connects the energy of the ritual with its target. An example is called for. Suppose one is performing a ritual to get a job. One can stand in the middle of a consecrated circle and shout "Job!

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This may produce some effect, but in and of itself it is not an effective use of the principle of the Magical Link. Alternatively, one can print up a stack of resumes and charge them as talismans of Jupiter in the same circle, then hand them out to prospective employers. This is a use of the Magical Link. Whatever method of Magick is used, making good use of the link can be something to look out for. For ease of discussion, application of energy to a specific task can fall under two general modes: Invocation or Evocation. In Invocation, oneself and one's consciousness forms the primary focus of the ritual, particularly on one's concentration on the desired end of the ritual.

Also, if the aim of the ritual can be associated with part of a correspondence set, like one of the planets for example, then that archetype can be particularly summoned and invoked into the magician to manifest the intended result. Evocation involves many of the same techniques as invocation, but with one main distinction. Whereas in invocation the specific force is generated and focused through the magician themselves, in evocation the energy is directed through the medium of something posited as outside of the magician, which then acts autonomously of its own accord to effect the desired aim.

Two primary forms of evocation are talismanic Magick and evocation of spirits.

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The Eucharist can be considered a special class of talisman. The Eucharist is discussed in chapter General talismanic Magick and evocation of spirits are not dealt with in this book. This completes the ritual proper. The closing follows, which acts to seal the ritual. There are several methods, but it should to some extent mirror the opening. Beginning with a License to Depart is a good procedure. Say in a clear voice of command something along the lines of: "And now I say unto all spirits convoked by this rite, depart in peace unto your habitations and abodes, and may the blessing of the Highest be upon you, in the name of Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

And let there be peace between us, and be thou ever ready to come when thou art called. If the ritual was opened by Purification and Consecration, it is good practice to repeat them again in the closing, immediately following the License to Depart. Likewise, if the opening involved a Hexagram ritual, a banishing form of that ritual should be done. As a general rule, if nothing else, the closing should involve a banishing Pentagram ritual.

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