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Herron Graham has always been a skeptical seeker, but when his search leads him to a place he had always dismissed, will he pass the test? The search for.
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But other kinds of workplaces continued to exist alongside.

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The most dramatic rise in factory production in the later 19th century occurred in the processing of agricultural products. The development of refrigeration from created many small and medium-sized factories to process meat, and make butter and cheese for local sale and export. The number of dairy plants rose from 36 in to in These small and medium-sized plants relied in turn on engineering firms and their factories to provide the necessary machinery.

By industries employing significant numbers included printing 3, workers , boot and shoe manufacturing 2, workers across boot and shoe factories , clothing 2, workers across 21 factories and meat preserving and freezing 2, workers across 34 works. During the s the public belief that factories meant poor work conditions and the exploitation of women and children strengthened.

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A royal commission in , which became known as the Sweating Commission, investigated factory labour practices. William Pember Reeves, minister of labour in the Liberal government, introduced the Factories acts of and , which required all factories to be registered, and set up the Department of Labour and its factory inspection branch.

Like the Sweating Commission, the inspectors found little evidence of exploitation of women and children. Where it was found, it was often in clothing factories.

By the end of the 19th century the department increasingly focused on the conditions in which men, the majority of factory employees, worked. Long hours of overtime, often unpaid, were the greatest concern. Reeves also introduced the Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act The act made arbitration of disputes between employees and unions compulsory, and was intended to stimulate union membership.

But why had things gotten so bad at the sight of Paul? Because of the misconception these Asian Jews had who having seen Paul in the city with a certain Gentile man [Trophimus], and seeing Paul again in the sacred area of the temple now jumped to the conclusion that Paul— a man whom these Asian Jews certainly believed Paul to have lost all respect for Judaism and even for his own JewishNess— a man Paul whom they loathed and regarded as an enemy of the people— this same Paul, whom they also believed to have now brought same Gentile man [Trophimus] into the most sacred part of the temple.

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Crucify him! Nor do the evil spirits who occupy their hearts and lead their lives change— whatever generation they seem to live in! But look at how God provided an incredible opportunity for Truth to be spoken in the hearing of this entire bedeviled crowd.

Claudius Lysias, the Roman commander with his many soldiers were now escorting Paul to the barracks, whom they thought to be an Egyptian terrorist, and definitely on the most wanted list of the R. I [Roman Bureau of Investigation]. They would then question him, torture him, imprison him and finally send an elaborate report to Rome regarding his dramatic and swift capture by the valiant commander; the report would no doubt be emblazoned with the heroic name of the commander with subtle implications to the awards and rewards associated with the capture of enemies of the empire.

Here in his hands was sort of a jackpot! But as he may have contemplated this, Paul spoke up and brought a sudden halt to his reverie. You speak Greek! No ordinary city. Please let me speak to the people. And he now delivers to them one of his memorable sermons. What does he say to them? Look at chapter First of all look at verse 1.

This is the same crowd that were beating him senseless just a while back before he was rescued from them by a Gentile soldier. But he holds no grudge against them nor does he have any bitterness in his heart for what scars they had left on his body. Nothing, especially in his life as a servant of God happens as an accident! With this amazing faith, Paul addressed them as Brothers and Fathers. It was genuine from his heart. His heart went out to them because they were deceived, lost and sickly without Christ.

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Romans Paul figured this is why they were behaving so erratically. There was no need to rebuke them, not to insult them. He just needed to give them truth. After his respectful address, what did Paul say? Well obviously, his life testimony in a way.

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And he begins his testimony with a confession. So we may say that the first part of his address is a confession of his great sin against the Lord. I even obtained letters from them to their brothers in Damascus, and went there to bring these people as prisoners to Jerusalem to be punished. Under Gamaliel I was thoroughly trained in the law of our fathers and was just as zealous for God as any of you are today.

I am a Jew of Jews. But here he was simply introducing himself to them, and letting them know just who he was. And for a Jew, he was indeed impressive! But he really begins his testimony with an amazing confession as we read in verses At the height of his glory as a Jew of Jews, as a prize student of the great Rabbi and an aspiring Member of the elite core of Rabbis and teachers and probably Sanhedrin members, he began his career as a persecutor, torturer and murderer of the innocents.

It was all legal stuff though, since he had gotten the authority from the high priest himself. He would chase these heretics as far as Damascus in order to bring them back to right here to his city Jerusalem to see them punished, which was usually death. They too shared the same sin. They had rejected the Christ, and in rejecting the Christ, they shared in the persecution and death and suffering of all his people as well.

In his life, Paul always took every opportunity to confess his sin before others for a reason. How else would they be able to know how marvelous is the grace of the Lord Jesus unless the sinner confesses and repents? We can talk all we want about the grace of Jesus, but if we do not share with others what Jesus saved us from, how can some of them even identify! Look now at verses Why do you persecute me? My companions saw the light, but they did not understand the voice of him who was speaking to me.

There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do. Paul must have repeated his testimony and shared this part of his testimony more times than one can count. That is good for the soul to do such a confession. We never get tired of hearing that part.

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It is that part where like Paul the enemy of Christ and of Christians was on his way to kill Christians, and then the Lord of the Christians meets up with him, and what happens? Grace happens. The Lord halts him, and he is thrown off his horse. Christ the Lord initiates this encounter. Actually if you think about it, Christ should kill him, as he should kill any sinner or offender, no matter what the offense may be. That is how people usually think, or like to think.